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Split Elk Antler Chew

Split Elk Antler Chew
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Elk shed their antlers yearly, leaving behind a tough, healthy treat dogs will love. Our Ranch Rewards® Split Elk Antler Chews are hypo-allergenic treats that help provide high levels of protein, are a great source of calcium and minerals, may have regenerative effects on joint cartilage, aid in kidney function, improve wound healing, enrich pet coats, and help remove plaque and tartar through chewing. These top-quality antlers are much less likely to splinter than bones. Dogs of all kinds will love the natural and unique qualities of our Ranch Rewards® Split Elk Antler Chews. These dog chews are long lasting because they don’t have a soft interior like bones, so dogs can chew and chew with easy access to the flavorful marrow.

Package contains one antler.
The antler is approximately 6-inches in length.

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